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Shapeirian Residents

Of the Fleshy and Furry kinds!

First off, let's meet the Katta of the land.



Kiram sells cloth goods at the Fighter's Plaza. Anything from new outfits to cloth bags to carry things!


Found just outside the Magic Shoppe in the Fountain Plaza, Lasham sells plants of varrying assortments, as well as the soil to plant them in.


Lisha is the kindly Katta that sells flowers just as you enter the city.


Right outside Issur's shop in Figher's Plaza, you can find Mirak with his leather goods.


Saba sells handmade baskets at the northern side of the Fountain Plaza.


The Jewel merchant keeps his stand in the Palace Plaza.

Scoree and Sloree

The food vendors, Scoree and Sloree sell various types of meats and jerkies that can keep you alive in the desert. You can find them on the southern side of the Fountain Plaza.

Shameen and Shema

The Hero's good friends are the owners of the Katta's Tail Inn. Free room and board for their Hero!


Sharaf is a member of the Raseirian underground. He'll only help you if you prove to him you're a friend, otherwise, forget it...

Sitar (and Hissa)

The Musician, Sitar, weaves his magic with his lovely melodies. Hissa, the snake, is his biggest critic!


Found on the north side of Fountain Plaza, Tashtari the lamp merchant has some of the best brass lamps around!


Tiram sells finely woven carpets at the Palace Plaza.



Some of the finest pottery around can be found at Toshur's stand, just outside the Apothecary at Fountain Plaza.


And now, the less furry people of the land of Shapeir!

Abdulla Doo

Your friend, and the reason why you're in Shapeir in the first place! Hurrah for magic carpets!

Abu al-Njun

The Astrologer - he sees your future in the stars.

Ali Chica

Ali Chica is-a the only place you're able to purchase a map and compass to find your way around-a the city.

Ali Fakir

"Honest Ali" Chica is the Used Sarus Salesman. The only thing honest about him is that he honestly can't spell "Saurus."


The Enchantress of Water becomes your friend if you act like you deserve her friendship. Her help is instrumental in saving the city.


The moneychanger is yet just another friendly *cough* face... that you'll meet during your visit to the city.

Emir Arus Al-din

Spends most of the game with you riding his back... literally.


Your Magical Mentor from Spielburg is more than happy to sponsor your entry into W.I.T. (Wizards Institute of Technocery!)


Monetarily named guard for Dinarzad, the moneychanger. How fitting!

Harik Attar

The Fire Druggist -your local flame-based Apothecary!

Har... This Guy.

All that's known about him is *honk* and he's a friend of Ali Chica's.


Issur, of the house of Usher, is the blacksmith, and proud card carrying member of the Eternal Order of Fighters.

Keapon Laffin

Air based Wizardry for your magical needs! He runs the local shop.

Do yourself a favor, and ask him about fish!


Zayishah's best friend and hand-maiden.

Omar the Prophet

Rhymes are his friend
To the very end
Listen to his words of verse
Or your troubles will get worse.

Rasha Rakeesh Sah Tarna

The Paladin, wielder of Soulforge. Seek him out. Learn his ways. Do good deeds.


Simbani Warrior from East Fricana, and current Guild Master of the Shaperian Guild Hall.


Daughter of the Emir of Rasier - you get to help her out of the city to escape mariage to a tyrant.