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Lost and Can't Find Your Way?

Don't Panic, the Map is Right Here!

If you're lost and can't find your way, then here's where you need to be! Below is a rather self-explanatory map of the Spielburg Valley. Even further below that is a rather simple key-guide for it, just in case there's any confusion. You can also download a larger version of the map here, and. (Right-click Save As) It weighs a hefty 2000x1075 pixels, but lacks the key-guide.

Note, this is the map for the VGA remake. The only difference that I am aware of is that in the original EGA version, there is an entry/exit at the north of the graveyard. Other than that, the maps are exactly the same!

Erana's Peace Bear Cave Kobold's Cave
Ogre Spore Spitting Spirea Erasmus (Mt. Zauberberg)
Castle von Spielburg The Goblins Hole Pferdefedern Farm
Healer's Hut Brauggi's Cave The Meeps
Graveyard Town Town Gate
Trapped Fox Avalanche Fairy Ring
Archery Range Dryad Grove The White Stag
Henry The Hermit (Flying Falls) Antwerp (Secret Cave) Mirror Lake
  Brigand Ambush