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How to Cast Spells

And Impress People

Magic. It's the power that shapes and binds us. It surrounds us and engulfs us.

Yet there is much we still do not know. Below are the spells you will most likely encounter on your quest.


Obtained: Erana's Peace

Calm is mostly used to prevent a creature encounter. To use Calm, cast the spell before any damage is inflicted on it - doing so, the creatures Karma will be soothed, bathing it in a aura of 'Mellowness' so it's more interested in the caterpillar it almost stepped on than your blood for it's next meal.

After casting, it is recommended that the caster (that's you) flee immediately. Of course, to Calm bigger, badder baddies, you have to be experienced in the art of the Calm, since more aggressive creatures are harder to influence in the ways of peace.

Also, calm cannot be used where aggressive actions have already taken place. Doing so will just cause the monster to calmly beat you senseless.


Obtained: Defeat Erasmus at Mages Maze

Erasmus' Razzle Dazzle produces a brilliant flash of blinding magic to make it easier for you to escape or harder for your enemy to hit you.

The strength and duration of this spell is determined by how skilled you are with it - the the more you use it - the better it gets. Best if used in close combat.


Obtained: Acquire from the Green Meep

This spell makes things visible that previously weren't. Great if you're afraid somebody's spying on you whilst invisible.


Obtained: Purchase from Zara

Lowenhard's Lariat of Legerdemain - a.k.a. 'Fetch', makes an energy field appear around an object which is then drawn to the caster! Get your remote control from across the room! Summon your wallet from that pickpockets fingers!!!


Obtained: Purchase from Zara

A Pyromaniacs dream come true! Flame Dart lets the caster shoot a small ball of fire from their hand! The power of the spell is, of course, related to how well you know it and have used it.


Obtained: Purchase from Zara

Ever lock yourself out of your car? How about forgot your housekeys? No need to wait around for that other person who has a set of keys! With a wave of your palm, you can unlock simple locks! Get better at the spell, and you could even open the door for yourself without touching it!


Obtained: Acquire from 'Enry the 'Ermit

R. Rogers' Reactivating Ritual, a.k.a. 'Trigger' sets off already operating magical spells, such as a magic trap, or a magiked door or mirror. Commonly used in Wizarding games.


Obtained: Magic Users begin with this spell

Leyden's Latent Lectrical Discharge a.k.a. 'Zap' lets you charge your weapon with electricity before an encounter. Ads that little extra zest to your opponents life!