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Below is boring stuff about me.

Read on only if you actually care.

You were warned!


You may be here by chance, but most likely you got bored and clicked a link I put somewhere and you ended up here. I'd apologize, but you see, I wanted you to see my little corner of the internet.

On the Interwebs, I go by the usual handle of Orion Rezil. Sadly it's not my real name. (You can find that at the bottom of the page if you're curious.) I've also gone by a few other usernames, including, but not limited to: Korvinus, Johannus, Jay, Chester, and The Onion (long story there....)

Here, you'll be subjected to things that interest me. For the most part, that's going to be the Quest for Glory series, but other things may creep in here and there. I'm complex like that.

I first got introduced to gaming at the mere age of four. Nineteen Eighty-nine was the year, and Sierra Entertainment was in its prime! My uncle (lovingly referred to as Unka from here on out) had bought Hero's Quest, a game designed by the husband and wife team of Lori Ann and Corey Cole (www.transolar.com).

You see, my obsession started early. I would sit for hours watching Unka play. His little 16bit hero hacking and slashing (with very repetitive attacks) his way through the forest.

I was hooked. Many a night was I fought with to get my four year old arse to bed. Unka wasn't happy when he was told to shut off the game so I would. (For that matter, now that I think of it... I wasn't very happy about that as well...)

In fact, I was four years old and knew how to type...

C:> cd sierra
C:\SIERRA> cd hero
C:\SIERRA\HERO> sierra

*childish smile* I was brilliant for my age.

Anywho... Sequels came, the hero graduated from EGA to VGA. I could actually play the games easier with the new point-and-click interface, (Yay!) because at four, I lacked the knowledge to be able to read the manual, or type out the commands in the games parser interface.

And then, years later... X-mas '98 if I remember correctly (Oh dear God... it seems like yesterday, but was far too many years ago! I'm making myself feel old now...), Sierra released the final game of their best series to date. Quest for Glory 5: Dragon Fire. (You see, Hero's Quest had to be renamed... Sierra failed to copyright the name, and had to change it due to a much less awesome board game called "Hero Quest.")

This was a big day for me, because now I actually owned my own QfG game. I rubbed it in to Unka (neener neener neener!) ... he didn't care (I did, so that's all that matters).

So around that time, I started a bit of writing. Very. Immature. Writing.

I'm still proud of it, because we all have to start somewhere... But yes, it's cringe-worthy. (Ten years later, I'm STILL writing it rather slowly, not sure if anyone even reads it. Post it on forums and get zero replies... Thus, lack of motivation to continue.)

And then came winter 'ought five.' The year the Blizzard hit me. World of Warcraft! Consumer of Souls. Devourer of Free Time. And I liked it! No... no... LOVED it! *bounces joyously around*

Here I am, years later - the epitome of the 'hardcore casual' - twelve characters at max level, and countless other random characters. I have fallen ill with Alt-itis. Why spend gold on 'phat lewts' for your main when you can totally pimp out your alts in gear far better for them?

But anyways, why bother boring you more...

Enjoy your stay! Don't forget to hit up the Sierra Forums Gateway for links to forums with help for any questions you have about QFG, or any Sierra game help!

Oh yeah! Head over to GOG.com to get Quest for Glory for yourself!

Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption